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Forename Lynn

Worldwide, Lynn (Lynn United States Myanmar United Kingdom Canada Kenya, لين Syria Sudan Saudi Arabia Egypt Iraq, 林恩 China, and others...) is a widespread predominantly feminine, but very infrequently male first name. The first name Lynn is habitual in Lebanon, where it is quite a common feminine name, Syria, where it is quite a common principally girly, but very seldom male name, and the United States (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Syria. Very seldom, Lynn is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Lynn

name Lyññ, name Lýńñ, name Jaylynn, name لينن, name Lyńn, name Lÿññ, name লিন, name Lýññ, name Lÿńń, name Łÿññ, name لين, name Lŷññ, name Łynn, name Lyṉň, name Линн, name Lyñn, name 林恩, name Lýńń, name Łyñn, name Lýnñ, name Raelynn, name Jazlynn, name Lÿnń, name Ĺynn, name ลินน์, name Marilyn, name Lÿñń, name Lýńn, name Лін, name Lýñń, name Lÿnñ, name Lyńń, name Lynn, name Лінн, name 琳恩, name Lynna, name 린, name Лынн, name Lÿnn, name Lynñ, name לין, name Лин, name Lynne, name Lýnn, name Madalynn, name Lynń
Lynn Myanmar, Canada, Kenya, United Kingdom, United States
لين Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia
林恩 China
לין Israel
South Korea
Линн Russia

First name Lynn in the context

Lynn is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Lynn Minmay , the fictional character from Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Macross: Do You Remember Love?; Lynn Tanner , the fictional character from the television series ALF; Rin Shizuka , the Japanese virtual YouTuber, Virtual-san Looking; Rin Tezuka , the main character from the 2012 visual novel Katawa Shoujo and Lynn Root , the Performer, Writer, Source Material ( b. Apr 11, 1905 Minnesota, USA - d. Jul 21, 1997 Los Angeles, California, USA ) Male, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of lynn john arnold lynn john arnold lynn john arnold American bank president, publisher, lawyer and judge, US (b. 1864) link
picture of lynn hornor lynn hornor lynn hornor American politician (1874-1933), US (b. 1874) link
picture of lynn frazier lynn frazier lynn frazier American politician (1874–1947), US (b. 1874) link
picture of lynn c. gardner lynn c. gardner lynn c. gardner American politician (1877-1948), US (b. 1877) link
picture of lynn thorndike lynn thorndike lynn thorndike American historian of medieval science and alchemy, US (b. 1882) link
picture of lynn j. butcher lynn j. butcher lynn j. butcher American photographer, US (b. 1883) link
picture of lynn bell lynn bell lynn bell American football coach, US (b. 1883) link
h. m. lynn Confederate Army infantryman, US (b. 1837) link
picture of lynn fontanne lynn fontanne lynn fontanne British actress (1887-1983), GB (b. 1887) link
picture of lynn reynolds lynn reynolds lynn reynolds American film director and screenwriter, US (b. 1889) link
picture of byrd lynn byrd lynn byrd lynn American baseball player, US (b. 1889) link
picture of lynn brenton lynn brenton lynn brenton American baseball player, US (b. 1889) link
picture of lynn rogoff lynn rogoff lynn rogoff American film producer, US (b. 1901) link
picture of lynn bomar lynn bomar lynn bomar American football, basketball, and baseball player (1901-1964), US (b. 1901) link
picture of lynn neary lynn neary lynn neary American journalist, US (b. 1901) link