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Forename Lorenzo

In the world, Lorenzo (Lorenzo Mexico Italy Spain Philippines Argentina, Лорензо Russia Ukraine, Лоренцо Russia Ukraine, among others...) is a widespread masculine first name. The first name Lorenzo is characteristic of San Marino, where it is a common masculine name, Italy, and Mexico (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Italy, Mexico, and Philippines. Likewise, Lorenzo is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Lorenzo

name Lorenzu, name Lasse, name Loreñzo, name De Lorenzo, name Llorenc, name Renzi, name Lourenço, name Laurance, name Lorenzini, name Lavrentiy, name Lavrenti, name Laurentino, name Enzo, name Lòrenzo, name Lōrenzo, name Ĺorenzo, name Lorenss, name Lavrin, name Lôrênzô, name Lõrenzõ, name Laurence, name Lórenzo, name Lorensa, name Lorenzó, name Delorenzo, name Lars, name Lorenzi, name Lôrënzô, name Laurentius, name Laurent, name Lorenz, name Luregn, name Lawrence, name Di Lorenzo, name Lorenzo, name Lorenzô, name Лоренцо, name לורנצו, name Lorénzo, name Lorenzõ, name Llorente, name Lorěnzo, name Lőrinc, name Лавр, name Lauri, name Lorǝnzo, name Лорензо, name Lorenzò, name Lorenzová, name Lôrensô, name Loran, name Lorènzo, name Llorenç, name Lorênzo
Lorenzo Philippines, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Mexico
Лоренцо, Лорензо Russia, Ukraine
לורנצו Israel

First name Lorenzo in the context

Lorenzo is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Lorenzo Falcó , the fictional character created by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Falcó series; Lorenzo Fabbri , the fictional character, Inspector Rex; Lorenzo Vianello , character in Falling in Love; Lorenzo Alcazar , the fictional character in the soap opera General Hospital and Lorenzo , the theatrical character in the play "The Merchant of Venice", and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

lorenzo di novara IT (b. 350) link
lorenzo maiorano bishop of Sipontum and Saint, IT (b. 440) link
picture of lorenzo di canterbury lorenzo di canterbury lorenzo di canterbury second Archbishop of Canterbury, IT (b. 550) link
lorenzo ii di milano IT (b. 507) link
lorenzo d'amalfi Italian writer, IT (b. 1000) link
picture of lorenzo da frazzanò lorenzo da frazzanò lorenzo da frazzanò Italian monk and presbyter, IT (b. 1120) link
picture of lorenzo tiepolo lorenzo tiepolo lorenzo tiepolo Doge of Venice, IT (b. 1300) link
lorenzo maitani Italian artist (1255-1330), IT (b. 1255) link
picture of lorenzo celsi lorenzo celsi lorenzo celsi Doge of Venice (1310-1365), IT (b. 1310) link
lorenzo rusio Italian veterinary, writer, Franciscan friar and farrier, IT (b. 1288) link
picture of lorenzo di bicci lorenzo di bicci lorenzo di bicci Italian painter, FR (b. 1350) link
lorenzo alopa Italian typographer, IT (b. 1301) link
lorenzo bottrigari IT (b. 1295) link
picture of lorenzo ridolfi lorenzo ridolfi lorenzo ridolfi Italian jurist and politician, FR (b. 1362) link
picture of lorenzo monaco lorenzo monaco lorenzo monaco Italian painter (c. 1370 – c. 1425), IT (b. 1370) link