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Forename Leticia

In the world, Leticia (Leticia Mexico Brazil Philippines United States Argentina, Laetitia Mexico Brazil Philippines United States Argentina, Летисия Russia) is a prevalent female first name. The given name Leticia is characteristic of Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Mexico, where it is a common female name, Uruguay, and Brazil (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is the most numerous in Mexico, Brazil, and Philippines. Very seldom, Leticia is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Leticia

name Letícía, name Lêticia, name Laetitia, name Leticia, name Léticia, name לטיסיה, name Letiția, name Lëticia, name Ĺeticia, name 蕾蒂西亚, name Letícia, name Letitia, name Letizia, name Летиция, name Łeticia, name Leticiɑ, name Leticiá, name Laëtitia, name レティツィア, name Leticià, name Letìcia, name Lèticia, name Lætitia, name Lëtïcïa, name Łetícia, name Leticía, name Lettice, name Letícìa, name Летициа, name Létícia, name Летисия
Laetitia, Leticia Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Philippines
Летисия Russia

First name Leticia in the context

Leticia is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Leticia Ortiz , the The Fast and the Furious character, Furious 7; Leticia Meynar , the operatic character in the opera The Exterminating Angel by Thomas Adès; Letitia Ketterley , the fictional character created by C.S. Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia, The Magician's Nephew and Laetitia , the operatic character in the opera The Old Maid and the Thief by Gian Carlo Menotti; miss Todd's Maid.

Notable namesakes

picture of leticia scuri leticia scuri leticia scuri Argentine actress, AR (b. 1890) link
picture of leticia cossettini leticia cossettini leticia cossettini Argentine educator, writer (1904-2004), AR (b. 1904) link
picture of leticia gómez leticia gómez leticia gómez Mexican stage actor and film actor, MX (b. 1936) link
picture of leticia ocharán leticia ocharán leticia ocharán Mexican artist (1942–1997), MX (b. 1942) link
picture of leticia moreira leticia moreira leticia moreira Argentinian actor, UY (b. 1950) link
picture of leticia teleguario leticia teleguario leticia teleguario Guatemalan politician, GT (b. 1950) link
leticia vidal liñán Spanish researcher, ES (b. 1901) link
picture of leticia r. van en putte leticia r. van en putte leticia r. van en putte American politician in Texas (born 1954), US (b. 1954) link
picture of leticia corral leticia corral leticia corral Mexican mathematician and materials scientist, MX (b. 1959) link
picture of leticia armijo leticia armijo leticia armijo Mexican composer, MX (b. 1961) link
picture of leticia cugliandolo leticia cugliandolo leticia cugliandolo Argentine condensed matter physicist, AR (b. 1965) link
picture of leticia sabater leticia sabater leticia sabater Spanish presenter, singer and journalist, ES (b. 1966) link
picture of leticia huijara leticia huijara leticia huijara Mexican actress, MX (b. 1967) link
picture of leticia herrería leticia herrería leticia herrería ES (b. 1958) link
picture of leticia calderón leticia calderón leticia calderón Mexican actress, MX (b. 1968) link