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Around the world, Lī (厉 China, リー Japan, Lī China Algeria Myanmar Tunisia) is quite a rare unisex forename. The given name Lī is characteristic of Algeria, where it is a rare female name, and China, where it is a rare gender-neutral name. Predominantly, Lī is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name

name 李, name 利氏, name イ, name リー, name Ri, name 李氏, name 酈, name Лі, name 里, name 厉, name หลี่, name Ли, name 莉, name 理, name লি, name 栗, name Li, name Lý, name Lǐ, name И, name Lee, name Yi, name לי, name Lī, name لی, name 利, name 厲, name Lí, name Lì, name 이, name I, name Լի, name 李姓, name Rhee, name لي, name 黎, name 리, name 郦
厲, 厉 China
リー Japan
Myanmar, Tunisia, China, Algeria

First names said to be same

I, Lee, Li, , , , , Rhee, Ri, Yi, И, Ли, Лі, Լի, לי, لي, لی, লি, หลี่, , , 利氏, , 李姓, 李氏, , , , , , , , , and

First name Lī in the context

Lī is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Sheldon Cooper , the Fictional character in The Big Bang Theory; Rory Gilmore , the fictional character from the television series Gilmore Girls; Chucky , the An antagonist fictional character, appeared in "Child's Play" franchise; Bob Lee Swagger , the fictional United States Marine and Lee Jordan , the fictional character in the Harry Potter universe, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and in many other works.