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Forename Kareem

Globally, Kareem (كريم Iraq Egypt Iran Algeria Saudi Arabia, Kareem Egypt Pakistan Nigeria India Iraq, Карим Russia Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan) is a widespread primarily masculine, but very seldom feminine given name. The first name Kareem is habitual in Egypt, where it is a widespread principally masculine, but very infrequently female name, Iraq, where it is a common boy's name, and Nigeria, where it is quite a common gender-neutral name (explore the name in all countries). Much less frequently, Kareem is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Kareem

name Kârëëm, name Kareêm, name Karéem, name Kàréém, name Karêêm, name Karèem, name Kârêêm, name Kàréèm, name Kàrêëm, name Kàrèèm, name Kãrèèm, name Kârëém, name Kàreem, name Karim, name Kareém, name Kâŕêêm, name Карим, name Kàrêêm, name Karëem, name Káreem, name Kâréèm, name Kàrëëm, name Kãrèém, name Káréém, name Karéém, name Kàŕèèm, name Kâréém, name Kareèm, name كريم, name Kárêêm, name Karéèm, name Kãreem, name Karēēm, name Kareëm, name Kàŕěêm, name Karèèm, name Kàrèém, name Kàřéém, name Kárëëm, name Kâreem, name Kaŕeem, name Káŕéém, name Kârèém, name Káréèm, name Kârëęm, name Kâřèém, name Kàřéèm, name Karèém, name Karëëm, name Kâřĕĕm, name Kârëêm, name Káŕểểm, name Kareem
كريم Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria
Kareem Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, India
Карим Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan

First name Kareem in the context

Kareem is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Kareem Saïd , the fictional human in the HBO series Oz and Karim Fedala , character in Plus belle la vie.

Notable namesakes

picture of ahsan kareem ahsan kareem ahsan kareem PK (b. 1947) link
picture of kareem richardson kareem richardson kareem richardson American basketball player-coach, US (b. 1974) link
picture of kareem larrimore kareem larrimore kareem larrimore player of American football, US (b. 1976) link
picture of kareem salama kareem salama kareem salama American musician, US (b. 1978) link
picture of kareem mckenzie kareem mckenzie kareem mckenzie player of American football, US (b. 1979) link
picture of kareem rush kareem rush kareem rush American basketball player, US (b. 1980) link
picture of kareem brown kareem brown kareem brown player of American football, US (b. 1983) link
picture of kareem moore kareem moore kareem moore player of American football, US (b. 1984) link
picture of kareem rashad sultan khan kareem rashad sultan khan kareem rashad sultan khan Recipient of the Purple Heart medal (1987-2007), US (b. 1987) link
picture of kareem jackson kareem jackson kareem jackson American football cornerback, US (b. 1988) link
picture of kareem omolaja kareem omolaja kareem omolaja Nigerian association football player, NG (b. 1990) link
picture of kareem martin kareem martin kareem martin American football player, US (b. 1992) link
picture of kareem jamar kareem jamar kareem jamar American basketball player, US (b. 1992) link
picture of kareem hunt kareem hunt kareem hunt American football player (born 1995), US (b. 1995) link
picture of kareem orr kareem orr kareem orr American football player, US (b. 1997) link