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In all the world, Jī (跻 China, Jī China Algeria, ชี Thailand) is a rare gender-neutral given name. The first name Jī is characteristic of Algeria, where it is a rare female name, Thailand, where it is a very rare unisex name, and China, where it is a very rare largely masculine, but seldom feminine name. Much less frequently, Jī is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name

name 冀, name 嵇, name 跻, name ジェ, name 姫, name ชี, name Kī, name Цзі, name Je, name ジ, name Jim, name キツ, name Kì, name Ťi, name জি, name きち, name 吉, name Kwai, name Ji, name Kiat, name Cơ, name जी, name Ki, name 激, name 吉姓, name 己, name Jī, name 姞, name Kùi, name Jí, name Цзи, name Jam, name Khe, name 姬氏, name 姬, name 基, name 季, name Jie, name 제
China, Algeria
ชี Thailand

First names said to be same

, Jam, Je, Ji, Jie, Jim, , Khe, Ki, Kiat, Kwai, , Kùi, , Ťi, Цзи, Цзі, जी, জি, きち, キツ, , ジェ, , , 吉姓, , , , , 姬氏, , , , , and

First name Jī in the context

Jī is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: .

Notable namesakes

siṅgā jī (b. 1519) link
jī gōng shū zǔ lèi Chinese ruler link
huángfǔ jī link