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Forename Iulius

Across the world, Iulius (Юлий Russia Kazakhstan Belarus Bulgaria Lithuania, Iulius Romania Moldova Indonesia France Germany, Юлиус Russia Kazakhstan Belarus Lithuania Estonia) is a common masculine first name. The forename Iulius is characteristic of Eastern Europe, particularly Russia, where it is quite a rare masculine name, Romania, and Moldova. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Russia, Romania, and Kazakhstan. Very seldom, Iulius is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Iulius

name July, name Iovis, name Julian, name Iulius, name Юліан, name Jullu, name Juli, name Xullo, name Ioulian, name Yuly, name Júlíus, name Jūlijs, name Giulio, name Юлиан, name Юліуш, name Julio, name Хуліо, name Július, name Иулиус, name Ульян, name Юлий, name Yulii, name Джулио, name Юльюс, name Julij, name Жуль, name Йулиус, name Хулио, name Иулиан, name Júlio, name Iulio, name Жюль, name Julho, name Юліус, name Youli, name Джулиус, name Iulian, name Юлій, name Юлий, Юлиус, Джулиус, name Юлиус, name Julius, name Julie, name Юлюс, name Юліюс, name Juliusz, name Yulian, name Джули, name Julai, name Юлии, name Iouli, name Jules, name Хули, name Юлиуш, name Yuliy
Юлий Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia
Iulius Romania, Moldova, Germany, France, Indonesia
Юлиус Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia
Жюль Ukraine

First name Iulius in the context

Iulius is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Julius Little , the main character from the 2006 video game Saints Row, Saints Row IV; Julius the Cat , the character from Alice Comedies, Alice Solves the Puzzle; Jules Winnfield , the character in the movie Pulp Fiction; Dr. Hibbert , the fictional character singer-songwriter and DJ from The Simpsons franchise and Jules Vaughn , the fictional queer transgender female character from 'Euphoria', and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

iulius graecinus Ancient Roman political figure (b. 39) link
iulius florus Gallic nobleman, d. 21 (b. 50) link
iulius indus 1st century AD Gaulish noble (b. 50) link
iulius sacrovir FR (b. 50) link
iulius valentinus (b. 50) link
iulius primus (b. 50) link
iulius florus ancient Roman poet (74-130) (b. 74) link
iulius placidus Roman military tribune (b. 100) link
iulius candidus Roman Centurio (Legio I Italica) (b. 150) link
iulius celerinus (b. 150) link
iulius pollux 2nd century Greek grammarian and sophist, EG (b. 200) link
iulius asclepiodotus Roman politician (b. 201) link
iulius victor (b. 200) link
iulius paullus (b. 200) link
picture of iulius i iulius i iulius i pope, IT (b. 280) link