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Forename Ionut

Around the world, Ionut (Ionut Romania Italy Afghanistan Spain Greece) is a common male first name. The given name Ionut is habitual in Romania, where it is a common male name, Aland Islands, and Vanuatu, where it is quite a common boy's name. In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Romania, Italy, and Afghanistan. Very seldom, Ionut is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ionut

name Jean, name Τζοβάννι, name Χουάν, name Τζον, name Джон, name Žans, name Ён, name Джованні, name Джованни, name Ясь, name Džons, name Ioannes, name Ivan, name John, name Giovanni, name ג'ובאני, name Ян, name Ioannis, name Жан, name Іонут, name János, name Τζων, name Ионуц, name Йонуц, name Janos, name Янаш, name Ionut, name Ioan, name Žan, name Ιωάννης, name Ionuț, name ז'אן, name Ионут, name João, name Джавані, name Янош, name Ион, name Juan, name Yanis, name Йон, name Янка, name Іван, name Хуан, name ג'ון, name Иоаннес, name Huans, name Иоаннис, name Иван, name איוואן, name Иоан, name Ion
Ionut Romania, Greece, Spain, Italy, Afghanistan

Notable namesakes

picture of ionut micu ionut micu ionut micu (b. 1978) link
ionut buzbuchi chess player (b. 1956) link
ionut ristea chess player (b. 1971) link
ionut caras Romanian photographer (b. 1978) link
ionut bebu researcher link
ionut nicu researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-6451-341X link
ionut teianu director and filmmaker link
ionut hutanu researcher link
ionut c. popescu American political scientist link
ionut tutu Ph.D. Royal Holloway, University of London 2015 link
ionut ciocan-fontanine Ph.D. University of Utah 1996 link
ionut e. cardei Ph.D. University of Minnesota-Minneapolis 2003 link
ionut atanasoai researcher link
ionut faurescu researcher link
ionut v. yonutz stancescu Ph.D. Tel Aviv University 1999 link