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Forename Hinrik

Throughout the world, Hinrik (Indrek Estonia Afghanistan Japan Germany Sweden, Hinrik Iceland Germany Spain United States United Kingdom) is a rare male first name. The forename Hinrik is habitual in Northern Europe, particularly Estonia, where it is quite a common boy's name, Iceland, and Sweden, where it is a rare masculine name. In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Estonia, Iceland, and Germany. Much less frequently, Hinrik is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Hinrik

name Henk, name Enrico, name Генріх, name Энрико, name Henricus, name Henrik, name Henri, name Хенрикус, name Генры, name Heinrich, name Анри, name Гейнц, name Хайнз, name Hendrik, name Хендрик, name Генрі, name Indrek, name Гайнц, name Генрык, name Гинрик, name Хайнрих, name Гайнріх, name Heinz, name Генрых, name Анры, name Хейн, name Генрік, name Хенрик, name Енрико, name Ερρίκος, name Хенрык, name Гейн, name Hendricus, name Henryk, name Хайнс, name Хайнц, name Андрин, name Гендрік, name Hein, name Энрики, name Генрих, name Генри, name Hinrik, name Hinrich, name Andrin, name Генрик, name Хенк, name Хенри, name Генрих, Хайнрих, name Jindřich, name Henry, name Henneke
Indrek Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Afghanistan, Japan
Hinrik Germany, Spain, Iceland, United States, United Kingdom

First name Hinrik in the context

Hinrik is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Indrek Paas , character in Truth and Justice.

Notable namesakes

hinrik paternostermaker DE (b. 1350) link
picture of hinrik funhof hinrik funhof hinrik funhof German artist, DE (b. 1500) link
hinrik bornemann German artist (c.1450-1499), DE (b. 1450) link
hinrik mente DE (b. 1450) link
hinrik stavoer (b. 1500) link
hinrik vom hagen DE (b. 1500) link
hinrik hansen (b. 1748) link
hinrik jakob sandström (b. 1806) link
hinrik guttormson (b. 1925) link
hinrik þórhallsson association football player (b. 1954) link
hinrik ólafsson Icelandic actor, IS (b. 1963) link
hinrik hoe haraldsson Icelandic actor, IS (b. 1972) link
hinrik tuve, lord of tsooru and elistvere - Bef 1524 link
hinrik ii doneldey - Bef 1295 link
hinrik wartberch link

Characteristic surnames

Mar, Dollmann, Jóhannsson, Hinriksson, Örnólfsson, Sigurðsson, Stefánsson, Schröder, Guðmundsson, Leinemann, Jóhannesson, Hilmarsson, Hjartarson, Fjeldsted, Wachsmuth, Ágústsson, Ásgeirsson, Gunnarsson, Johannsson, Thorvaldsson, Haraldsson, Hermanssonn, Reynisson, Bjarnason, Sveinsson, Skarpheainsson, Sson, Geir, Anisa, Bergs, Buuck, Ólason, Bensik, Dotzer, Gylfason, Laxdal, Vilhjalmsson, Lindal, Helmke, Schulte, Atlason, Petursson, Pálmason, Jonsson, Jónsson, Thorsson, Helgason, Hjaltason, Hansen, and Johannesson