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Forename Gábor

Around the globe, Gábor (Gabor Hungary Romania Poland Philippines Slovakia, Gábor Hungary Romania Poland Slovakia United States, Габор Ukraine Russia Kazakhstan, along with others...) is a common masculine given name. The given name Gábor is habitual in Hungary, where it is a common masculine name, Aland Islands, where it is quite a common masculine name, and Romania, where it is quite a common primarily boy's, but very infrequently girly name. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Hungary, Romania, and Germany. Also, Gábor is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Gábor

name Габрыэль, name Габріель, name Гаврил, name Габриэле, name Габриел, name Juhasz, name Gabrijel, name Gabor, name Габриэл, name Gavril, name Gawriil, name Гавриїл, name Gabriël, name 嘉寶, name Gabi, name Габриель, name Габор, name ガブリエル, name Габриэль, name ガブリエーレ, name Gavriil, name Гебріел, name Гаврило, name Гэбриел, name جبريل, name גאבור, name Gabriele, name Gavrilo, name Гавриил, name Гаўрыла, name 加布里埃爾, name Габрієль, name Гаврила, name Gábor, name Gabriel, name Horvath, name Kemeny, name Габриеле
Gabor Romania, Hungary, Philippines, Slovakia, Poland
Gábor Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, United States
Габор Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
גאבור Israel

First name Gábor in the context

Gábor is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Gabor , the fictional character inthe James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough.

Notable namesakes

gábor pesthi (b. 1510) link
mindszenthi gábor Hungarian writer, HU (b. 1550) link
pesti gábor HU (b. 1540) link
gábor haller Hungarian politician (1550–1608), RO (b. 1558) link
picture of illésházy gábor illésházy gábor illésházy gábor perpetual count (1618-1667), HU (b. 1618) link
esterházy gábor Hungarian noble, HU (b. 1580) link
gábor bakos (b. 1607) link
haller gábor HU (b. 1614) link
gábor sculteti (b. 1650) link
gábor palocsay (b. 1651) link
hevenesi gábor HU (b. 1656) link
spátay gábor (b. 1660) link
esterházy gábor Hungarian general (1673-1704), HU (b. 1673) link
horváth gábor HU (b. 1668) link
gábor, graf haller de hallerkeö 1685 - 7 Dec 1723 (b. 1685) link