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Forename Fermin

All around the world, Fermin (Fermin Mexico Spain Argentina Philippines Venezuela, Fermín Mexico Spain Argentina Philippines Venezuela, Фермин Russia) is a widespread boy's forename. The first name Fermin is habitual in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Mexico, where it is quite a common male name, Nicaragua, and Argentina (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Mexico, Argentina, and Philippines. Likewise, Fermin is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Fermin

name Fërmïn, name Fermïn, name Firminus, name Fermín, name 费米, name Fermìn, name Firmin, name Фермин, name Firmino, name 弗民, name Fermin, name Фирмино, name Фермін, name Férmin, name Fermi, name Fërmîn, name Fermí
Fermín, Fermin Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Philippines
Фермин Russia
Фермін Ukraine

First name Fermin in the context

Fermin is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Fermín de Pas , character in La Regenta.

Notable namesakes

fermin estanga arangurenburu 1597-07-07, ES (b. 1597) link
fermin garmendia aranguren 1600-07-09, ES (b. 1600) link
fermin olano vitartea olano 1673-07-07, ES (b. 1673) link
fermin zavala estanga 1681-07-07, ES (b. 1681) link
picture of fermin lasuen fermin lasuen fermin lasuen Spanish Basque missionary to Alta California (1736-1803), ES (b. 1736) link
fermin garmendia eguaras 1692-07-06, ES (b. 1692) link
fermin aramburu echeverria 1696-11-05, ES (b. 1696) link
fermin aramburu zubeldia 1698-02-03, ES (b. 1698) link
fermin francisco de carvajal y vargas, 1.duque de san carlos 1722 - (b. 1722) link
picture of fermin del castillo fermin del castillo fermin del castillo Peruvian military personnel (1807-1895), PE (b. 1807) link
fermin de reygadas MX (b. 1754) link
picture of fermin vivaceta fermin vivaceta fermin vivaceta Chilean architect (1827-1890), CL (b. 1827) link
picture of fermin tanguis fermin tanguis fermin tanguis Puerto Rican businessman, US (b. 1851) link
picture of fermin garrido quintana fermin garrido quintana fermin garrido quintana Spanish politician, ES (b. 1868) link
picture of fermin carpio fermin carpio fermin carpio Mexican military personnel, MX (b. 1900) link