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Forename Evy

All over the world, Evy (Evy Indonesia Democratic Republic of the Congo Belgium Guatemala United States, Ева Russia Belarus Kazakhstan Bulgaria Moldova) is a common primarily feminine, but very seldom male given name. The first name Evy is habitual in Moldova, where it is quite a common female name, Bulgaria, and Belgium. Measured by absolute frequency, the name is most common in Indonesia, Russia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Much less frequently, Evy is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Evy

name Evy, name Évy, name Evie, name Ëvy, name Êvy, name Evÿ, name Иви, name Ева, name Èvý, name Евы
Evy United States, Belgium, Indonesia, Guatemala, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ева Moldova, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia

First names said to be same

Evie, Evÿ, Èvý, Évy, Êvy, Ëvy, Евы, and Иви

First name Evy in the context

Evy is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Evy Hermans , character in Familie; Saturn Queen , the comic book supervillain, Superman; Eve Dallas , character in In Death; Nightshade , the Fictional comic book superheroine published by DC Comics, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and EVA , the character in Metal Gear, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of evy tibell evy tibell evy tibell Swedish actress, SE (b. 1914) link
picture of evy engelsborg evy engelsborg evy engelsborg Norwegian actor, NO (b. 1921) link
picture of evy låås evy låås evy låås Swedish artist, SE (b. 1923) link
evy björkman Finnish writer, FI (b. 1876) link
picture of evy margareta berggren evy margareta berggren evy margareta berggren Swedish artistic gymnast, SE (b. 1934) link
picture of evy palm evy palm evy palm athletics competitor, SE (b. 1942) link
evy tucker shields (1906-1972) (b. 1906) link
evy friedrich Luxembourgish journalist (1910-1989), LU (b. 1910) link
evy holmgren badminton player, SE (b. 1915) link
evy ohlin (b. 1908) link
picture of evy gruyaert evy gruyaert evy gruyaert Belgian female radio and tv host, BE (b. 1979) link
evy-ann midttun Norwegian politician (1943-2011), NO (b. 1943) link
picture of evy kuijpers evy kuijpers evy kuijpers cyclist, NL (b. 1995) link
picture of evy leibfarth evy leibfarth evy leibfarth American canoeist and kayaker, US link
evy nafisah a. wahab Indonesian politician (born 1954 in Bima), ID (b. 1954) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Morales, Sanchez, Sitorus, Susanti, Susanty, Alvarez, Ramirez, Lestari, Johnson, Nielsen, Martinez, Andersen, Castillo, Gonzalez, Gonzales, Yulianti, Ratnasari, Rahmawati, Rodriguez, Gutierrez, Hernandez, Flores, Wulandari, Hannah, Torres, Smet, Cruz, Diaz, Tran, Wang, Silva, Smith, Perez, Peña, Ramos, Gomez, Lopez, Ortiz, Olsen, Santos, Castro, Romero, Rivera, Garcia, Larsen, Jacobs, Hansen, and Kurniawati