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Forename Emo

Around the globe, Emo (Emoo Egypt Indonesia Sudan France Bangladesh, Emo Egypt Indonesia Italy India France, Эмо) is a common gender-neutral first name. The forename Emo is characteristic of Northern Africa, particularly Egypt, where it is quite a rare largely female, but uncommonly masculine name, Libya, and Sudan, where it is quite a rare feminine name. Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Egypt, Indonesia, and Italy. Likewise, Emo is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Emo

name Ëmó, name 僫魔, name Èmo, name Ëmô, name Èmò, name Ëmŏ, name Êmó, name Émo, name Emǿ, name Émó, name Êmô, name เอมโอ, name Emoo, name Ëmõ, name Emō, name Èmő, name 噁魔, name Émô, name Ěmô, name Ęmő, name Ëmő, name Èmô, name Êmǿ, name Emő, name Emocore, name Émõ, name Êmõ, name Emo, name Ĕmő, name Prémio, name เอมโอ้, name เอโม, name Ěmǿ, name Ěmõ, name Émò, name Emô, name Ĕmơ, name Ěmŏ, name Èmó, name Êmő, name Emó, name אמו, name Ěmo, name ເມອ, name Ĕmǿ, name Emò, name Emõ, name Ęmo, name Ęmõ, name Êmo, name Ëmo, name Ĕmo, name Ёмо
Emoo Bangladesh, France, Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia
Emo France, Egypt, Italy, India, Indonesia
אמו Israel

Notable namesakes

emo von wittewierum Frisian scholar, NL (b. 1175) link
nobile leonardo emo 5 Jun 1759 Venezia - 6 Aug 1804 (b. 1759) link
picture of emo bonifazi emo bonifazi emo bonifazi Italian politician (1925-2013), IT (b. 1925) link
emo descovich Austrian military officer and writer, AT (b. 1878) link
picture of emo danesi emo danesi emo danesi Italian politician, IT (b. 1935) link
emo bohúň Slovak writer and journalist, SK (b. 1899) link
emo mei Estonian writer (1905-1992), EE (b. 1905) link
picture of emo philips emo philips emo philips American comedian, US (b. 1956) link
emo marconi Italian writer (1917-1997), IT (b. 1917) link
emo sparisci birthdate: 1921 deathdate: 2005 viaf: 1152150264367705860008 (b. 1921) link
emo roffi Italian association football manager and association football player (1922-2005), IT (b. 1922) link
emo chiellini Italian chemist, IT (b. 1937) link
count giorgio emo (born 1941) (b. 1941) link
count giovanni emo (born 1944) (b. 1944) link
emo bos (b. 1938) link