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Forename Ellena

All over the world, Ellena (Ellena Indonesia Italy United States France Argentina, Эллена Russia, Еллена Russia Ukraine) is quite a common principally girly, but very infrequently boy's first name. The first name Ellena is characteristic of Trinidad and Tobago, where it is quite a rare feminine name, Croatia, and Romania, where it is a rare girly name. Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Indonesia, the United States, and Philippines. Likewise, Ellena is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ellena

name Эллен, name אלן, name Elléna, name 愛倫, name 艾倫, name Ellèna, name Éllena, name Елен, name Элен, name এলেন, name إلين, name エレン, name Еллена, name Ellen, name Эллена, name Ellena, name 艾伦
Ellena France, Argentina, Italy, United States, Indonesia
Эллена Russia
Еллена Russia, Ukraine

Notable namesakes

ellena craven (born 1697) (b. 1697) link
ellena salariya midwife/breastfeeding educator and researcher (b. 1931) link
ellena rosenbergerová holocaust victim, b. 1933-01-29, CZ (b. 1933) link
ellena olsen (b. 1957) link
ellena f. manambe Indonesian politician (born 1975 in Tg. Balai Karimun), ID (b. 1975) link
ellena elcocks researcher (ORCID 0000-0001-5691-3026) link
ellena lawrence researcher link
ellena popova researcher (ORCID 0000-0002-9624-0628) link
ellena mar researcher link
ellena joy jesse (born 1995) (b. 1995) link
ellena korth DE (b. 1986) link