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Forename Edgar

Across the world, Edgar (Edgar Mexico Philippines Guatemala United States Germany, Эдгар Russia Ukraine Belarus Azerbaijan Lithuania, Едгар Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan United States, among others...) is a widespread masculine forename. The first name Edgar is characteristic of Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Mexico, where it is a common male name, Guatemala, and Bolivia (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Mexico, Philippines, and the United States. Very seldom, Edgar is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Edgar

name Edgàr, name Edgār, name Édgár, name Edgarus, name Edgie, name Otger, name Êdgar, name Ёдгар, name Edgar, name Edgár, name Ǝdgar, name เอ็ดการ์, name Эдгар, name Èdgar, name Èdgár, name Ëdgãr, name Egay, name Edgars, name אדגר, name Эдгарь, name Эдгардо, name Êdgâr, name Edgard, name ادجار, name Ęđğąř, name Edgardo, name Otto, name Едгар, name Gār, name Édgar, name Edgâr, name Êdgãr, name 埃德加, name Ëdgar, name Ëđğāř, name Edgãr, name Ëdgâr
Edgar Germany, Philippines, United States, Mexico, Guatemala
Эдгар Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Azerbaijan
Едгар Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, United States, Kyrgyzstan
אדגר Israel
埃德加 China

First name Edgar in the context

Edgar is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Edgar Balthazar , the character from Disney's Aristocats, The Aristocats; Edgar Bones , character in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; Edgar Linton , the fictional character in the novel Wuthering Heights; Edgar the Bug , the main antagonist of the 1997 film Men in Black. and Edgar Stiles , the character from the television series 24, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of edgar of england edgar of england edgar of england Anglo-Saxon king of England, GB (b. 943) link
edgar of hereford Bishop of Hereford (b. 900) link
picture of edgar ætheling edgar ætheling edgar ætheling disputed King of England, GB (b. 1050) link
playters edgar English cleric (b. 1663) link
edgar stuart, duke of cambridge British prince, GB (b. 1667) link
picture of edgar clarke edgar clarke edgar clarke French art collector, FR (b. 1799) link
picture of edgar quinet edgar quinet edgar quinet French writer (1803-1875), FR (b. 1803) link
handyside edgar Scottish physician (b. 1754) link
picture of edgar m. gregory edgar m. gregory edgar m. gregory (1804-1871) (b. 1804) link
picture of edgar allan poe edgar allan poe edgar allan poe American writer and literary critic (1809–1849), US (b. 1809) link
picture of edgar simeon van winkle edgar simeon van winkle edgar simeon van winkle American lawyer (1810-1882), US (b. 1810) link
picture of edgar ney edgar ney edgar ney French soldier, politician and officer, FR (b. 1812) link
picture of edgar cowan edgar cowan edgar cowan American politician (1815-1885), US (b. 1815) link
picture of edgar von westphalen edgar von westphalen edgar von westphalen Communist politician, early Texas settler (1819-1890), DE (b. 1819) link
picture of edgar leopold layard edgar leopold layard edgar leopold layard British diplomat and ornithologist, LK (b. 1824) link