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Forename Dijkstra

Across the world, Dijkstra (Dijkstra Netherlands United States Canada Germany Australia, Dykstra Netherlands United States Canada Germany Australia, Дейкстра Ukraine) is a very rare dominantly male, but seldom feminine given name. The first name Dijkstra is characteristic of Jersey, where it is quite a common boy's name, and China, where it is an extremely rare boy's name. Much more prevalently, Dijkstra is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Dijkstra

name Dykstra, name דייקסטרה, name Дейкстра, name Dijkstra, name Дийкстра
Dijkstra, Dykstra Australia, Germany, Canada, United States, Netherlands
Дейкстра Ukraine
דייקסטרה Israel

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First name Dijkstra in the context

Dijkstra is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: .

Notable namesakes

tiede roelofs dijkstra Dutch poet (1820-1862) (b. 1820) link
picture of minne dijkstra minne dijkstra minne dijkstra Dutch politician, NL (b. 1937) link
haye dijkstra Dutch Righteous Among the Nations, NL (b. 1891) link
perry dijkstra Dutch actor (1937-2010), NL (b. 1937) link
geske dijkstra born:1956|; Dijkstra, A. Geske; Dijkstra, G. (Anneke Geske); Dijkstra, G., 1956-; Dijkstra, Anneke Geske; Dijkstra, Anneke Geske 1956-; Dijkstra, A. Geske (Anneke Geske) (b. 1956) link
louw dijkstra Frisian publisher, NL (b. 1958) link
anno dijkstra Dutch visual artist, NL (b. 1970) link
hildebrand dijkstra researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0001-6664-902X link
lewis dijkstra researcher link
jelke dijkstra researcher (ORCID 0000-0003-3792-0727) link
alie dijkstra researcher (ORCID 0000-0002-5017-8937) link
sander dijkstra university teacher at Leiden University link
arend g dijkstra researcher link

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Jm, Jo, Ja, Lo, De, Ro, Pj, Ph, Bo, Co, Ad, Ab, An, Ms, Mr, Th, and Tj