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Forename Chai

Around the world, Chai (齐 China, Chai China Malaysia Indonesia Myanmar Singapore, ชัยฤทธิ์ Thailand, along with others...) is a common epicene forename. The first name Chai is characteristic of Mongolia, where it is quite a common boy's name, Brunei, where it is quite a common epicene name, and Singapore, where it is quite a rare epicene name. In absolute terms, it is commonest in China, Thailand, and Malaysia. More prevalently, Chai is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Chai

name Chāï, name Ćhãį, name Chàï, name Cháî, name Chàí, name Qi, name Çay, name Chaî, name Chải, name Chàî, name Cĥặí, name Châï, name チャイ, name Chaï, name Chāi, name Chăi, name Chaí, name Cháï, name Chai, name Icayi, name Ćhaï, name Chae, name Tề, name Ćhãï, name Che, name Чаи, name Chăį, name Chài, name Chái, name 齐, name Châî, name Chăï, name Chi, name Châi, name Chãì, name Chih, name Chàì, name Cai, name Sài, name Ćháí, name 齊, name Cha, name Cháì, name ชัยฤทธิ์, name Chê, name Ćhai, name Châí, name Chãį, name Chei, name Chaì, name Chãí, name Chãi, name Cshe, name Chãî, name Tsai, name ชาย, name Chãï
齊, 齐 China
Chai Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China
ชาย, ชัยฤทธิ์ Thailand
チャイ Japan
Чаи Russia

First name Chai in the context

Chai is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Chai Xianghua , the Fictional character, Soulcalibur.

Notable namesakes

chai wu Western Han Dynasty person CBDB = 13327 (b. 250) link
chai yuan Song dynasty person CBDB = 27214 (b. 1118) link
picture of ang swee chai ang swee chai ang swee chai orthopedic surgeon, MY (b. 1948) link
picture of makana risser chai makana risser chai makana risser chai American writer, US (b. 1953) link
ch'u chai birthdate: 1906 deathdate: 1986 viaf: 20929612 alias: Zhai, Chu; Chai, Chù; Chai, Chʻu; Ch'u Chai; Chù, Chai; Chʻu, Chai; 翟, 楚; 翟楚 (b. 1906) link
fook loong chai badminton player, MY (b. 1925) link
chen kang chai (b. 1916) link
lai kew chai Singaporean lawyer and judge, MY (b. 1941) link
winberg chai (b. 1932) link
yee moh chai politician, MY (b. 1955) link
ng kim chai badminton player, MY (b. 1965) link
wan chai Burmese Lethwei fighter and Openweight Lethwei World Champion (b. 1972) link
yun chai researcher link
da-yang chai researcher link
jin choul chai researcher link

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Ch, Ao, Ah, Ai, Ak, Ad, Ar, An, Al, Ci, Sk, So, Su, Si, Sa, Ms, Mr, Mu, Mi, Mo, Sy, and Cy