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Forename Bilal

Around the world, Bilal (Bilal Pakistan Algeria Morocco India Saudi Arabia, بلال Iraq Egypt Jordan Sudan Syria, Билал Russia Tajikistan Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan, among others...) is a widespread male first name. The first name Bilal is habitual in Lebanon, where it is a common male name, Algeria, and Morocco, where it is a common predominantly boy's, but very seldom girly name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Pakistan, Algeria, and Morocco. Also, Bilal is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bilal

name Билаль, name Bilał, name Bìĺáĺ, name Biląl, name Biłãl, name Bilaľ, name Bilàl, name Biľal, name Bìlãl, name Bilaĺ, name Bìlàl, name Bilaler, name Bilál, name Bìĺàĺ, name Bìĺãĺ, name Bìłăł, name Bìlâl, name Bílâl, name Bíłàł, name บิลาล, name Bìłâł, name Bilâl, name Bíláĺ, name Bìlal, name Bìłãł, name Bílál, name Bilol, name Bílãl, name Biłãł, name بلال, name Biłał, name Biĺaĺ, name Bilãl, name Билал, name Biłâł, name Bìłàł, name Bilãł, name Bíĺãĺ, name Bìlál, name Bìłãĺ, name Biĺàl, name Bílal, name Bíĺàĺ, name בילאל, name Biĺal, name Билол, name Bìláĺ, name Bìĺàl, name Bílăl, name Bilāl, name Biłal, name Bilăl, name Bílāl, name Билял, name Bilal, name Bíłał, name বিলাল, name Bìłał, name Bílàl
Bilal Morocco, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
بلال Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Syria
Билал Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan
Билол Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, United States, Kyrgyzstan
Билял Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan
בילאל Israel
বিলাল Bangladesh
Билаль Kazakhstan, Russia
บิลาล Thailand

First name Bilal in the context

Bilal is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Nightrunner , the fictional comic book character.

Notable namesakes

bilal nazym (b. 1824) link
picture of bilal dadaşov bilal dadaşov bilal dadaşov AZ (b. 1915) link
picture of bilal şimşir bilal şimşir bilal şimşir Turkish diplomat, TR (b. 1933) link
bilal əhməd (1884-1944), AZ (b. 1884) link
picture of bilal u. haq bilal u. haq bilal u. haq reasearcher, member of Academia Europaea, PK (b. 1942) link
picture of muhsen bilal muhsen bilal muhsen bilal Syrian politician, SY (b. 1944) link
picture of bilal nazki bilal nazki bilal nazki Indian judge, IN (b. 1947) link
picture of bilal philips bilal philips bilal philips Canadian Islamic scholar, JM (b. 1947) link
picture of bilal ali bilal ali bilal ali American politician, US (b. 1951) link
picture of bilal dündar bilal dündar bilal dündar TR (b. 1946) link
picture of bilal ayyub bilal ayyub bilal ayyub Scientist in civil engineering, PS (b. 1958) link
bilal golemi (b. 1899) link
bilal taranoğlu Turkish politician, TR (b. 1920) link
picture of bilal ag asherif bilal ag asherif bilal ag asherif Berber nationalist leader, ML (b. 1977) link
bilal yousaf Persian writer, IR (b. 1928) link