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Forename Annus

All around the world, Annus (Annus Hungary Estonia Pakistan India Slovakia, Anual Malaysia India Philippines Pakistan Venezuela, أنوس Egypt Algeria Syria Libya) is a rare principally male, but scarcely feminine given name. The first name Annus is habitual in Hungary, where it is a rare girly name, Philippines, where it is a very rare boy's name, and Egypt. In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in India, Philippines, and Egypt. More prevalently, Annus is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Annus

name Mensuel, name Perene, name Annona, name Año, name انوس, name Trienne, name Annus, name Tannu, name أنوس, name Anho, name Annu, name Annuale, name Annuš, name Any, name Annal, name Onn, name Аннус, name Annali, name Ån, name Ano, name Аннуш, name Annuel, name An, name Anne, name Añu, name Anyo, name Annuss, name Annuario, name אננוש, name Quinquenio, name Anuário, name A, name Anual, name Anuario, name Jan, name Annals, name Ann, name Année, name Anno, name Yan, name Decennial, name Anniversaire, name On
Annus Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Pakistan, India
Anual Philippines, Venezuela, Pakistan, India, Malaysia
أنوس Libya, Egypt, Syria, Algeria
Аннус Russia, Ukraine

Notable namesakes

maire annus Estonian architect, EE (b. 1941) link
aare annus EE (b. 1957) link
epp annus Estonian writer and literary scholar, EE (b. 1969) link