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Forename Alicia

Across the world, Alicia (Alicia Mexico Argentina United States Philippines Spain, Алисия Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Bulgaria Kyrgyzstan, Алиша Russia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Bulgaria, along with others...) is a prevalent feminine first name. The forename Alicia is habitual in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Argentina, where it is a widespread feminine name, Mexico, where it is a common feminine name, and Uruguay (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in Mexico, Argentina, and the United States. Very seldom, Alicia is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Alicia

name Alîcîa, name Алис, name Alìcia, name Aĺicia, name Àlicia, name Élisée, name Алиша, name Алиця, name Алисия, name Aliciá, name Alícía, name Алиция, name Алиса, name Eleisha, name Adalheidis, name Alicìa, name Alićia, name Alicja, name Alyssa, name Aleshia, name Aliciã, name Elyesa, name Alesia, name Alisa, name Adelais, name Алісія, name Alycia, name Ãlicia, name Alecia, name Alisia, name Àlicià, name Alicià, name Alıcıa, name Alicía, name Aliz, name Alicïa, name Alícia, name Alïcia, name Аліса, name Alissa, name Алицйа, name Alesha, name אליסיה, name Alisha, name Αλίκη, name Álicia, name Alíz, name Алициа, name Алишия, name Ałicia, name Alice, name Licha, name Alicia, name Alïcïa, name Elisha
Alicia Philippines, Argentina, Spain, United States, Mexico
Алисия Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
Алиша Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan
Алісія Ukraine
אליסיה Israel

First name Alicia in the context

Alicia is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Alicia Florrick , the main character from the television series The Good Wife, The Good Wife; Alicia Spinnet , character in Harry Potter; Alicia Sierra , the character in « Money Heist », a pregnant inspector of the National Police Corps; Alicia Masters , the fictional character in Marvel Comics and Alicia Baker , the fictional character from the television series Smallville, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of alicia strickland alicia strickland alicia strickland (1648 - 1680) (b. 1648) link
picture of alicia brownlow alicia brownlow alicia brownlow (1684-1727) (b. 1684) link
alicia d'anvers British poet (b. 1667) link
picture of alicia wyndham, countess of egremont alicia wyndham, countess of egremont alicia wyndham, countess of egremont English noblewoman; (1729-1794) (b. 1725) link
alicia christian (1702-1790) (b. 1702) link
alicia bernard (born 1714) (b. 1714) link
picture of alicia darrow alicia darrow alicia darrow (b. 1763) link
alicia synge Peerage person ID=368838 (b. 1726) link
alicia curphey (1731-1812) (b. 1731) link
picture of alicia thornton alicia thornton alicia thornton Thornton [Meynell], Alicia (fl. 1804), horsewoman (b. 1785) link
alicia clements Peerage person ID=236696 (b. 1746) link
alicia maria le cain (1748-1817) (b. 1748) link
alicia odell (1750-1822) (b. 1750) link
alicia sheridan lefanu Irish writer (b. 1753) link
picture of lady alicia kennedy lady alicia kennedy lady alicia kennedy (1805-1887) (b. 1805) link