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Forename Ada

In all the world, Ada (Ada Nigeria United States Italy India Argentina, Ада Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Belarus Serbia, עדה Israel, along with others...) is a widespread mostly female, but infrequently male first name. The first name Ada is characteristic of Hong Kong, where it is a common feminine name, Macao, and Nicaragua, where it is quite a common female name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in Nigeria, the United States, and Italy. Also, Ada is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishAda is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ada

name エイダ, name Adatang, name Ghãdã, name Aďá, name Hada, name Àdâ, name Adâ, name Aďa, name Àda, name Àďà, name Ghãda, name Ghádà, name Ghádá, name อาดา, name Ghâdà, name Ghâdā, name Ghãdà, name Àďa, name Ghàdâ, name Adela, name Ghădă, name Ghādā, name Ađá, name Ghàdà, name Ghadâ, name Ghądą, name 阿达, name Ада, name Ghádã, name Ghãdâ, name Ghâđâ, name Adal, name Ghắdắ, name Gháda, name Ghâdâ, name アダ, name ادا, name Ada, name Ghâdã, name Ghadà, name Ađa, name Ghàdá, name Ghãdā, name Ádá, name Ghàda, name עדה, name Adà, name Ghâda, name آدا, name Ghàdã, name Adha, name Àdà, name Ghađa, name Áda, name Ghâdá, name Adá, name Da, name Ghádâ, name Àdã
Ada Argentina, Italy, Nigeria, United States, India
Ада Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
עדה Israel
阿达 China
エイダ, アダ Japan
ادا Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan
آدا Iran
อาดา Thailand

First name Ada in the context

Ada is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Ada Wong , the Resident Evil character, Resident Evil: Retribution; Ada , the Biblical figure, Genesis 4; Ada , the operatic character in the opera Die Feen by Richard Wagner; a fairy; Ada Leverson , the operatic character in the opera Oscar and Ada , the theatrical character in the play "La Culotte", among other works.

Notable namesakes

ada satrap of Caria, TR (b. 400) link
st. ada Saint, nun, abbess (b. 600) link
ada de marle 1054- (b. 1054) link
picture of ada von holland ada von holland ada von holland Margravine consort of Brandenburg (b. 1163) link
ada de warenne Mother of Kings Malcolm IV and William I of Scotland, GB (b. 1123) link
picture of ada, countess of holland ada, countess of holland ada, countess of holland daughter of Dirk VII, Count of Holland and his wife Adelaide of Cleves (1188-1223) (b. 1188) link
ada of huntingdon Scottish noblewoman, GB (b. 1146) link
ada of holland abbess of Rijnsburg abbey, NL (b. 1208) link
ada, countess of atholl Scottish noble (b. 1221) link
picture of ada howard ada howard ada howard American educator, president of Wellesley College, US (b. 1829) link
picture of ada clare ada clare ada clare American actress, writer, and feminist, US (b. 1834) link
picture of ada chastina bowles ada chastina bowles ada chastina bowles American minister (Universalist) (1836-1928), US (b. 1836) link
picture of ada henry van pelt ada henry van pelt ada henry van pelt American journalist, US (b. 1838) link
picture of ada buisson ada buisson ada buisson British novelist, GB (b. 1839) link
picture of ada cavendish ada cavendish ada cavendish British actress (b. 1839) link