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Forename Martino

All around the world, Martino (Martino Italy United States Argentina Indonesia Brazil, Мартино Russia, Мартіно Ukraine, along with others...) is a common masculine given name. The first name Martino is habitual in Italy, where it is quite a common male name, Croatia, where it is quite a rare masculine name, and Philippines. Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Italy, Philippines, and Indonesia. Likewise, Martino is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Martino

name Мартін, name Марцин, name Марцін, name Мартын, name Мартин, name Martí, name Мартон, name Martyn, name מרטינו, name Martinó, name Márton, name Мартен, name מרטין, name Martini, name Martiño, name Martinko, name Mårten, name Marteno, name مارتن, name Мартіно, name مارتين, name Marcin, name Март, name Martina, name Maarten, name Мартейн, name Мартинус, name Martinho, name Мортен, name مارتينوس, name Martijn, name มาร์ติโน, name مارسين, name مورتن, name Martíno, name Martín, name Martin, name Мартиньо, name Martino, name Мартэн, name Мартино, name Мартіньо, name มาร์ติน, name Marton, name Маартен, name Martìno, name Morten, name Marten, name Martinô, name مارتون, name Mart, name Martinus, name מרטינוס, name Мартин, Мартен
Martino Argentina, Italy, Brazil, United States, Indonesia
Мартино Russia
Мартіно Ukraine
מרטינו Israel

First name Martino in the context

Martino is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Martino , the operatic character in the opera L'Oro by Ildebrando Pizzetti; Giovanni's servant and Martino , the operatic character in the opera L’occasione fa il ladro, L'occasione fa il ladro.

Notable namesakes

martino, conte bernardini 1704 Lucca - 1782 Lucca (b. 1704) link
picture of miranda martino miranda martino miranda martino Italian singer and actress, IT (b. 1933) link
ray martino Italian actor, IT (b. 1928) link
master of san martino Italian artist, active 13th century link
martino, conte bernardini 1599 Lucca - link
ascanio martino researcher link
sikma rejik martino Indonesian politician (born 1985 in Pemalang), ID (b. 1985) link