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Forename 현숙

Globally, 현숙 (현숙 South Korea, Hyeonsuk South Korea United States, Hyun-Sook South Korea Germany United States Chile Canada) is quite a rare primarily girly, but very infrequently masculine first name. The forename 현숙 is characteristic of South Korea, where it is quite a rare primarily feminine, but very seldom masculine name, and Germany, where it is a very rare feminine name. Much less frequently, 현숙 is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name 현숙

name Hyeonsug, name ヒョンスク, name 현숙, name Hyun-Sook, name Hyeonsuk, name Hyeon-Suk
현숙 South Korea
Hyeonsuk South Korea, United States
Hyun-Sook South Korea, Canada, Germany, Chile, United States

First names said to be same

Hyeon-Suk, Hyeonsug, and ヒョンスク

Notable namesakes

picture of 윤현숙 윤현숙 윤현숙 South Korean film actress and singer, KR (b. 1971) link
박현숙 South Korean playwright, KR (b. 1926) link
picture of 김 현숙 김 현숙 김 현숙 South Korean actress and comedian, KR (b. 1978) link
picture of 박현숙 박현숙 박현숙 North Korean weightlifter, KP (b. 1985) link
정 현숙 table tennis player, KR (b. 1952) link
조현숙 KR (b. 1944) link
조 현숙 KR (b. 1945) link
정현숙 South Korean voice actress, KR (b. 1962) link
팽현숙 South Korean actress, KR (b. 1965) link
백현숙 South Korean actress, KR (b. 1967) link
박현숙 South Korean actress, KR (b. 1968) link
박현숙 South Korean basketball player (1969-), KR (b. 1969) link
오 현숙 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1969) link
박현숙 South Korean basketball player (1969-), KR (b. 1969) link
한현숙 South Korean handball player, KR (b. 1970) link