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Forename 지연

All over the world, 지연 (지연 South Korea, Jiyeon United States Myanmar China Malaysia Indonesia, Ji-Yeon United States France Chile) is quite a common principally female, but scarcely male first name. The forename 지연 is habitual in South Korea, where it is quite a common primarily female, but very seldom boy's name, United Arab Emirates, where it is a rare girly name, and Hong Kong. Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in South Korea, the United States, and United Arab Emirates. Very seldom, 지연 is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name 지연

name Jiyeon, name 지연, name チヨン, name ジヨン, name Ji-Yeon
지연 South Korea
Jiyeon Myanmar, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, United States
Ji-Yeon Chile, United States, France

First names said to be same

ジヨン, and チヨン

Notable namesakes

장지연 KR (b. 1864) link
picture of 백지연 백지연 백지연 South Korean academic, KR (b. 1964) link
picture of 김지연 김지연 김지연 South Korean musician, KR (b. 1970) link
picture of 인지연 인지연 인지연 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1973) link
picture of 김지연 김지연 김지연 South Korean actress, born in March 1978, KR (b. 1978) link
picture of 최지연 최지연 최지연 South Korean actress, KR (b. 1978) link
picture of 차지연 차지연 차지연 South Korean singer, KR (b. 1982) link
picture of 남지연 남지연 남지연 South Korean volleyball player, KR (b. 1983) link
picture of 이지연 이지연 이지연 KR (b. 1975) link
picture of 김지연 김지연 김지연 South Korean sabre fencer, KR (b. 1988) link
picture of 임지연 임지연 임지연 South Korean actress (born 1990), KR (b. 1990) link
김지연 South Korean writer, born 1942, KR (b. 1942) link
picture of 지연 지연 지연 South Korean actress and singer, born 1993, KR (b. 1993) link
유지연 South Korean singer, KR (b. 1951) link
임지연 South Korean actress (born 1965), KR (b. 1965) link