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Forename 영희

In the entire world, 영희 (영희 South Korea, Yeonghui South Korea China United States Brazil, Young-Hee South Korea Germany United States Spain Chile) is quite a rare dominantly feminine, but uncommonly male first name. The given name 영희 is habitual in South Korea, where it is quite a rare largely feminine, but infrequently masculine name, Germany, where it is a very rare feminine name, and the United States, where it is an extremely rare primarily girly, but very infrequently masculine name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name 영희

name Yeong-Hui, name Yeonghyi, name Young-Hee, name Jong-Hi, name 영희, name ヨンヒ, name Yeonghui
영희 South Korea
Yeonghui South Korea, Brazil, United States, China
Young-Hee South Korea, Germany, Chile, United States, Spain

First names said to be same

Jong-Hi, Yeong-Hui, Yeonghyi, and ヨンヒ

Notable namesakes

picture of 최영희 최영희 최영희 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1921) link
picture of 원영희 원영희 원영희 (b. 1915) link
picture of 리영희 리영희 리영희 South Korean journalist (1929-2010), KR (b. 1929) link
picture of 신영희 신영희 신영희 South Korean musician, KR (b. 1942) link
picture of 이영희 이영희 이영희 South Korean physicist, KR (b. 1955) link
이영희 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1910) link
길영희 KR (b. 1900) link
박영희 KR (b. 1901) link
picture of 황영희 황영희 황영희 South Korean actress, KR (b. 1969) link
picture of 임영희 임영희 임영희 basketball player (1980-), KR (b. 1980) link
picture of 서영희 서영희 서영희 South Korean actress, KR (b. 1980) link
이영희 Korean politician, KR (b. 1931) link
picture of 김영희 김영희 김영희 South Korean comedian, KR (b. 1983) link
이영희 South Korean fashion designer, KR (b. 1936) link
서영희 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1939) link