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Forename 영철

All over the world, 영철 (영철 South Korea, Young-Chul South Korea France Canada United States, Yeong-Cheol United States) is quite a common male forename. The first name 영철 is characteristic of Eastern Asia, particularly South Korea, where it is quite a common male name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name 영철

name Yeong-Cheol, name ヨンチョル, name 영철, name Young-Chul
영철 South Korea
Young-Chul South Korea, United States, Canada, France
Yeong-Cheol United States

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Notable namesakes

picture of 김영철 김영철 김영철 North Korean politician, KP (b. 1946) link
picture of 김영철 김영철 김영철 South Korean actor, KR (b. 1953) link
picture of 김영철 김영철 김영철 South Korean comedian, KR (b. 1974) link
허영철 KR (b. 1920) link
최영철 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1935) link
장영철 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1936) link
picture of 조영철 조영철 조영철 South Korean association football player, KR (b. 1989) link
picture of 리영철 리영철 리영철 North Korean association football player, KP (b. 1991) link
현영철 North Korean Army Officer (1953-2015), KP (b. 1953) link
신영철 South Korean academic, KR (b. 1954) link
박영철 South Korean Olympic judoka, KR (b. 1954) link
홍영철 South Korean poet, KR (b. 1955) link
최영철 South Korean poet, KR (b. 1956) link
강영철 South Korean singer, KR (b. 1957) link
차영철 South Korean sport shooter, KR (b. 1959) link