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Forename 성훈

All over the world, 성훈 (성훈 South Korea, Sung-Hoon South Korea United States Spain Canada, Seong-Hun South Korea United States) is quite a common primarily boy's, but very seldom girly given name. The forename 성훈 is habitual in Eastern Asia, particularly South Korea, where it is quite a common predominantly male, but very seldom feminine name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name 성훈

name Sung-Hun, name Sunghoon, name Sungho, name ソンフン, name Seong-Hoon, name Sung-Hoon, name Song-Hun, name 성훈, name Seonghun, name Seong-Hun
성훈 South Korea
Sung-Hoon South Korea, United States, Spain, Canada
Seong-Hun South Korea, United States
Seong-Hoon South Korea, United States, Canada

First names said to be same

Seonghun, Song-Hun, Sung-Hun, Sungho, Sunghoon, and ソンフン

Notable namesakes

picture of 김성훈 김성훈 김성훈 South Korean film director, KR (b. 1971) link
picture of 강성훈 강성훈 강성훈 South Korean singer, KR (b. 1980) link
picture of 성훈 성훈 성훈 South Korean actor, KR (b. 1983) link
picture of 박성훈 박성훈 박성훈 South Korean actor, KR (b. 1985) link
picture of 최성훈 최성훈 최성훈 South Korean pro gamer, KR (b. 1988) link
김성훈 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1939) link
남성훈 South Korean film actor, KR (b. 1945) link
임성훈 South Korean singer, KR (b. 1950) link
박성훈 KR (b. 1945) link
홍성훈 KR (b. 1945) link
김성훈 South Korean scientist (ORCID 0000-0002-1570-3230), KR (b. 1958) link
조성훈 South Korean cross-country skier, KR (b. 1964) link
정성훈 South Korean footballer (1968-), KR (b. 1968) link
강성훈 South Korean politician, KR (b. 1970) link
손성훈 South Korean singer, KR (b. 1970) link