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Forename มีชัย

All over the world, มีชัย (มีชัย Thailand, Meechai Thailand France Myanmar Malaysia China, Mechai Thailand Algeria France Tunisia Switzerland) is quite a rare predominantly masculine, but scarcely female first name. The first name มีชัย is characteristic of Thailand, where it is quite a rare primarily boy's, but scarcely girly name, and Algeria, where it is a rare male name. Likewise, มีชัย is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name มีชัย

name Meechayi, name Haschai, name Meechaii, name Meethaimchai, name Meechai, name Meeachai, name Mameechai, name Meetemchai, name Minechai, name Mieechai, name Meechaeng, name Meakchai, name Meeseechai, name Hasachai, name Miechai, name Mechai, name Metechai, name มีชัย, name Maeeichai, name Muneechai, name Minchai, name Meechail, name Michai
Hasachai, มีชัย Thailand
Meechai Myanmar, Thailand, France, Malaysia, China
Mechai Thailand, France, Tunisia, Switzerland, Algeria

Notable namesakes

picture of มีชัย วีระไวทยะ มีชัย วีระไวทยะ มีชัย วีระไวทยะ Thai activist, TH (b. 1941) link
มีชัย กิจบุญชู Catholic cardinal, TH (b. 1929) link
มีชัย ฤชุพันธุ์ Thai politician, TH (b. 1938) link