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Forename ภักดี

Worldwide, ภักดี (ภักดี Thailand, Pakdee Thailand Malaysia Italy United States Singapore, Phakdee Thailand Malaysia United States South Africa) is quite a rare gender-neutral first name. The forename ภักดี is characteristic of Thailand, where it is quite a rare epicene name, and Italy, where it is a very rare boy's name. Likewise, ภักดี is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name ภักดี

name Phakdiao, name Bhakdee, name Phakwadee, name Phakdey, name Bhukdee, name Bhakdi, name Phaphakdi, name Loyal, name Phakphiart, name Pukdee, name Loywanish, name भक्ति, name Makphakdi, name ภักดี, name Pakdee, name Loyha, name Loyvisud, name Pagdee, name Loyee, name Phukdi, name Pakkdee, name Phakdi, name Pkakdee, name Loy, name Pakdi, name Pheakdee, name Phaphakdee, name Loymal, name Loypoyom, name Makphakdee, name Pakruandee, name Pakhadee, name Phapakdi, name Makdee, name Phakchokdee, name Phakdee, name Phakpdee
ภักดี Thailand
Pakdee Thailand, Singapore, Italy, United States, Malaysia
Phakdee Thailand, United States, Malaysia, South Africa
Pukdee Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, China

Notable namesakes

ภักดี ชินจินดา cyclist, TH (b. 1946) link
ภักดี แสนทวีสุข Thai cartoonist, TH (b. 1960) link