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Forename عطا

Throughout the world, عطا (Atta Pakistan Egypt Turkey India Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ata Pakistan Egypt Turkey India Democratic Republic of the Congo, عطا Egypt Iraq Iran Sudan Jordan) is a widespread primarily male, but very seldom girly given name. The first name عطا is characteristic of Pakistan, where it is a common masculine name, Ghana, where it is quite a common primarily masculine, but scarcely feminine name, and Saudi Arabia (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in Pakistan, India, and Egypt. Also, عطا is the last name as well as the forename.

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name Ataa, name عطا, name Ata, name Atta
Atta, Ata Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Democratic Republic of the Congo
عطا Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Jordan

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First name عطا in the context

عطا is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Atta , the main character of the 1998 film A Bug's Life.

Notable namesakes

picture of عطا محمد بھنبھرو عطا محمد بھنبھرو عطا محمد بھنبھرو Historian, Translator, Writer of Sindh (1936-2020), PK (b. 1936) link
عطا أحمد الزير JO (b. 1895) link
picture of عطا محمد نور عطا محمد نور عطا محمد نور Afghan politician, AF (b. 1965) link
عطا محمد بندیالوی Pakistani Islamic scholar, PK (b. 1916) link
عطا عبد الوهاب Iraqi politician and writer, IQ (b. 1924) link
picture of عطا صفوی عطا صفوی عطا صفوی Iranian surgeon, IR link
عطا ترزى باشى IQ (b. 1924) link
عطا شاد Baloch national poet, PK (b. 1939) link
روشن عطا Pakistani actor (1940-2011), PK (b. 1940) link
عطا الله أبو زياد Palestinian-Jordanian poet (1942-2019), JO (b. 1942) link
عطا صفرپور Iranian writer and actor, IR (b. 1945) link
عطا الله عبد الله Iraqi weightlifter, IQ (b. 1960) link
عطا نهایی Iranian writer, IR (b. 1961) link
عطا طايل (b. 1956) link
عطا الله Algerian politician, DZ (b. 1970) link