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Forename سامح

All around the world, سامح (Sameh Egypt Tunisia Saudi Arabia Morocco United Arab Emirates, سامح Egypt Iraq Saudi Arabia Palestinian Territory Jordan, Samih Egypt Tunisia Saudi Arabia Morocco United Arab Emirates) is a widespread predominantly boy's, but scarcely female forename. The first name سامح is characteristic of Egypt, where it is a common boy's name, Tunisia, where it is a common epicene name, and Kuwait, where it is quite a common boy's name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in Egypt, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. Very seldom, سامح is the last name as well as the forename.

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name Samh, name Sameh, name Samih, name سامح
Samih, Sameh Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia
سامح Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Palestinian Territory, Saudi Arabia

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Notable namesakes

سامح زقوت Palestinian rapper/song writer/singer, PS (b. 1901) link
picture of سامح شكري سامح شكري سامح شكري Egyptian diplomat & Ambassador, EG (b. 1952) link
picture of سامح سيف اليزل سامح سيف اليزل سامح سيف اليزل EG (b. 1946) link
picture of سامح السحرتى سامح السحرتى سامح السحرتى Senior Health Policy Specialist in Research Studies/Research Methodology in the Middle East and North Africa Region, The World Bank. Research Studies/Research Methodology, EG (b. 1957) link
picture of سامح سامي سامح سامي سامح سامي writer, EG (b. 1978) link
picture of سامح نجيب سامح نجيب سامح نجيب Egyptian sociologist, EG link
picture of سامح حسين سامح حسين سامح حسين Egyptian actor, EG (b. 1985) link
picture of سامح علاء سامح علاء سامح علاء Egyptian film director, EG (b. 1987) link
سامح عبد الرحمن Egyptian fencer, EG (b. 1943) link
سامح فهمى Egyptian engineer and politician (born 1949), EG (b. 1949) link
سامح الصريطي Egyptian actor, EG (b. 1951) link
سامح الباجوري Egyptian film director, EG (b. 1961) link
سامح حسن Egyptian rower, EG (b. 1976) link
سامح الشجيع Egyptian actor, EG (b. 1977) link
سامح سعد Egyptian Scientist, EG link