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Forename خضر

Throughout the world, خضر (خضر Iraq Egypt Sudan Syria Jordan, Khader Egypt India Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Syria, Khedr Egypt India Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Syria, along with others...) is a common predominantly masculine, but scarcely feminine forename. The forename خضر is habitual in Syria, where it is a common boy's name, Lebanon, where it is quite a common boy's name, and Sudan (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, the name is most common in Syria, Sudan, and Iraq. Also, خضر is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name خضر

name Khedher, name Khdr, name خضر, name Khodr, name Khidr, name Khedr, name Khizr, name Kheder, name Хадр, name Hızır, name Khder, name Khader, name Khadr, name Khider
خضر Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Jordan, Syria
Khder, Khader, Khedr, Khadr Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Syria
Khodr Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria

First names said to be same

Hızır, Khdr, Kheder, Khedher, Khider, Khidr, Khizr, and Хадр

Notable namesakes

picture of خضر التوني خضر التوني خضر التوني Egyptian weightlifter, EG (b. 1915) link
خضر القزويني Iraqi poet and orator, IQ (b. 1905) link
خضر الطائي Iraqi poet, IQ (b. 1908) link
خضر عبد الغفور former Iraqi minister, IQ (b. 1909) link
picture of خضر علامة خضر علامة خضر علامة Lebanese music executive and entrepreneur, LB (b. 1963) link
خضر بشير Sudanese singer, SD (b. 1914) link
picture of عباس خضر عباس خضر عباس خضر Iraqi-German author and poet, IQ (b. 1973) link
خضر عباس الصالحي Iraqi writer and poet, IQ (b. 1925) link
خضر الأحمد PS (b. 1932) link
خضر عبد العزيز الدوري Iraqi military personnel, IQ (b. 1944) link
خضر اللحام Palestinian politician, PS (b. 1946) link
خضر همایون انصاری British academic/recipient OBE, IR (b. 1947) link
خضر خضر LB (b. 1946) link
خضر نوشاہی PK (b. 1952) link
نادر خضر Sudanese artist, SD (b. 1971) link