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Forename אל

In all the world, אל (L Morocco Canada China Spain Netherlands, Al Morocco Canada China Spain Netherlands, El Morocco Canada China Spain Netherlands) is a widespread mostly boy's, but infrequently female given name. The given name אל is habitual in Oman, where it is a common largely masculine, but seldom girly name, Egypt, and Morocco, where it is a common epicene name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is commonest in Indonesia, Egypt, and Bangladesh. Also, אל is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name אל

name אלישבע, name El, name Эл, name L, name Elle, name 阿尔, name אלוהים, name أل, name ایل, name Al, name Ел, name אלה, name アル, name רפאל, name אלוה, name Ал, name אל
El, Al, L Canada, Morocco, Spain, Netherlands, China
אל Israel

First names said to be same

Elle, Ал, Ел, Эл, אלה, אלוה, אלוהים, אלישבע, רפאל, أل, ایل, アル, and 阿尔

First name אל in the context

אל is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Al-G Rhythm , the main antagonist of the 2021 film Space Jam: A New Legacy; Spawn , the comic book superhero, Mortal Kombat 11; L , the fictional character from Death Note; Albus Severus Potter , the fictional character in the Harry Potter universe and El Chavo , the fictional character from the El Chavo del Ocho television series, and in many other works.