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Forename Іна

Throughout the world, Іна (Ina Indonesia Germany United States India Malaysia, Inna Indonesia Germany United States India Malaysia, Іна Ukraine Belarus) is a widespread predominantly girly, but scarcely masculine given name. The first name Іна is habitual in Albania, where it is a common feminine name, Moldova, where it is a common predominantly girly, but scarcely masculine name, and Georgia, where it is quite a common female name (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in Indonesia, Germany, and India. Very seldom, Іна is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Іна

name Anniina, name Іна, name Inessza, name Inessa, name Инесса, name Ина, name Інна, name Инна, name إينا, name Ina, name Инес, name 艾娜, name 茵娜, name イナ, name アイナ, name 伊那, name אינה, name Inna, name イネッサ, name インナ
Ina, Inna Germany, United States, India, Indonesia, Malaysia
Іна Ukraine, Belarus

First name Іна in the context

Іна is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Inna Adolfovna Serdyuk ; Ina Meier and Ina Maier .

Notable namesakes

іна васілеўна прохарчык botanist, BY (b. 1938) link
іна авелеўна бярозкіна BY (b. 1937) link
іна булгакава BY (b. 1941) link
іна васільеўна антонава Belarusian physician and politician, BY (b. 1952) link
іна сяргееўна фёдарава BY (b. 1947) link
іна ігараўна танаеўская BY (b. 1957) link
іна уладзіміраўна афанасьева Belarusian singer, BY (b. 1968) link
іна віктараўна мядзведзева Belarusian statistician, BY (b. 1969) link
іна міхайлаўна прышчэпа BY (b. 1961) link
іна іванаўна барыева Belarusian politician, BY (b. 1975) link
іна анатольеўна швед BY (b. 1971) link
іна леанідаўна калечыц BY (b. 1973) link
іна віталеўна капішына Belarusian swimmer, BY (b. 1984) link
іна дзямід BY link

Characteristic surnames

Лях, Пащенко, Пенізова, Діденко, Дяченко, Ткачова, Федькевич, Украінець, Каліогло, Казарян, Котинська, Бабенко, Громова, Павлова, Паскарь, Пашкану, Перчула, Іванова, Соколова, Коломієць, Кравченко, Дорошенко, Щербак, Яценко, Яроцька, Соболь, Заєць, Щелєва, Козик, Кваша, Бабак, Бірюк, Бішофф, Галан, Шилко, Штепа, Щербакова, Чучко, Квочкіна, Мордик, Бондар, Горбик, Попова, Пасько, Нигода, Літвін, Осадча, Садика, Діжурко, and Бондаренко