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Forename Олех

Around the world, Олех (Oleh Poland Nigeria Indonesia Spain Ukraine, Olech Poland Spain United States Democratic Republic of the Congo Germany, Олех Russia Ukraine Belarus Kazakhstan) is a common dominantly male, but uncommonly feminine first name. The first name Олех is characteristic of Israel, where it is quite a rare girly name, Nigeria, where it is quite a rare dominantly masculine, but infrequently feminine name, and Romania, where it is quite a rare masculine name. Measured by absolute frequency, the name is most common in Nigeria, Indonesia, and Israel. Much less frequently, Олех is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Олех

name Oleh, name Oleg, name Aleh, name אולג, name Олех, name Олег, name Olegario, name Helgus, name Алег, name Olyech, name Oļegs, name Alyeh, name Ołeh, name Олежик, name Alieh, name Olech, name Olekh, name Oleq, name Olex, name Олежка, name Olegs
Oleh Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Indonesia, Nigeria
Olech Germany, Spain, Poland, United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Олех Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Olekh Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, United States, India