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Forename Ксенія

Globally, Ксенія (Ксенія Ukraine Belarus, Xenia Serbia Croatia United States El Salvador Russia, Ksenija Serbia Croatia United States Russia Germany, among others...) is a common girly first name. The given name Ксенія is habitual in Croatia, where it is a common girly name, Montenegro, and Ukraine (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in Ukraine, Croatia, and the United States. Very seldom, Ксенія is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ксенія

name Ксенија, name Ξένια, name Ksénia, name クセニヤ, name Kseniya, name Аксиния, name Xénia, name Xenija, name Xena, name Ксения, name Аксинья, name Ksenija, name Ксенія, name Ksenja, name Ksenia, name 泽尼娅, name Ксюня, name Ксюша, name Xenia, name קסניה, name Xenie
Ксенія Ukraine, Belarus
Xenia Russia, United States, Serbia, El Salvador, Croatia
Ksenija, Ksenia Germany, Russia, United States, Serbia, Croatia
Kseniya Germany, Spain, Brazil, Russia, United States

First name Ксенія in the context

Ксенія is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Xenia Onatopp , the character in James Bond film GoldenEye and Kseniya (or Xenia) , the operatic character in the opera Boris Godunov by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky; Boris's daughter.

Notable namesakes

picture of ксенія андрэеўна санковіч ксенія андрэеўна санковіч ксенія андрэеўна санковіч gymnast, BY (b. 1990) link
picture of ксенія олександрівна горб ксенія олександрівна горб ксенія олександрівна горб UA (b. 1985) link
ксенія кірылаўна хачатранц BY (b. 1938) link
семенова ксенія ігорівна Ukrainian activist and teacher, UA link
ксенія гацкова Ukrainian sociologist, UA (b. 1985) link
ксенія сяргееўна церашкова Belarusian historian, BY (b. 1987) link
ксенія лебедзева Belarusian swimmer, BY (b. 1991) link
ксенія раманюк Belarusian swimmer, BY (b. 1994) link
ксенія алегаўна луцкіна BY (b. 1984) link
клименко ксенія figure skater, UA link
ксенія сырамалот BY (b. 1999) link
ксенія аляксандраўна усціновіч BY link

Characteristic surnames

Ткач, Морозова, Панченко, Павленко, Петренко, Новікова, Левченко, Савченко, Соколова, Ткаченко, Шевченко, Харченко, Федорова, Ковальчук, Ковальова, Коваленко, Кузьменко, Кравченко, Михайлова, Гончарова, Васильєва, Василенко, Марченко, Клименко, Колесник, Карпенко, Мазур, Мороз, Бойко, Швець, Іщенко, Коваль, Бондар, Попова, Ткачук, Шевчук, Бондаренко, Поліщук, Козлова, Кравчук, Кравець, Мельник, Петрова, Волкова, Лисенко, Олійник, Руденко, Іванова, Юрченко, and Пономаренко