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Forename Дана

Around the globe, Дана (Dana United States Romania Indonesia Ethiopia India, دانا Saudi Arabia Palestinian Territory Jordan Iran Iraq, Дана United States Kazakhstan Russia Bulgaria Ukraine) is a widespread largely feminine, but seldom masculine first name. The given name Дана is habitual in Kuwait, where it is a common primarily girly, but scarcely masculine name, Czechia, where it is a common girly name, and Bulgaria, where it is quite a common feminine name (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in the United States, India, and Indonesia. Much less frequently, Дана is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishДана is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Дана

name ドナ, name Dannah, name דני, name دانا, name 唐娜, name ダナ, name Dano, name Dana, name דיינה, name דן, name Дэн, name ダン, name Dan, name Dána, name Daňa, name 达诺, name דנה, name دانه, name Дана, name ডানা, name دان, name Дэна, name 德納, name Дейна, name দানা, name Danna, name Ден, name 丹, name Дан, name Dena
Dana Romania, United States, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia
دانا Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Palestinian Territory, Saudi Arabia
Дана Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, United States
دانه Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Palestinian Territory, Saudi Arabia

First name Дана in the context

Дана is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Dana Scully , the fictional character and protagonist of the television series The X-Files; Dana Barrett , the fictional character from the Ghostbusters franchise; Dana Tan , the character in Batman Beyond, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker; Dana Fairbanks , the fictional character from the television series The L Word and Dana , the character from According to Jim, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

дана курбалија actress, BA (b. 1925) link
picture of дана александровна борисова дана александровна борисова дана александровна борисова Television presenter, RU (b. 1976) link
picture of дана макаридина дана макаридина дана макаридина Curator, RU (b. 1988) link
picture of курская, дана рустамовна курская, дана рустамовна курская, дана рустамовна RU (b. 1986) link
дана тодоровић Serbian writer and actress, RS (b. 1977) link
дана сидерос RU (b. 1985) link

Characteristic surnames

Ким, Жунусова, Жусупова, Оспанова, Искакова, Садыкова, Смирнова, Ткаченко, Шарипова, Шевченко, Федорова, Смагулова, Кузнецова, Максимова, Михайлова, Степанова, Султанова, Кожахметова, Жумабекова, Серикбаева, Нургалиева, Ибрагимова, Лебедева, Сулейменова, Никитина, Борисова, Мусина, Алиева, Попова, Орлова, Исаева, Абишева, Калиева, Асанова, Павлова, Петрова, Волкова, Омарова, Ибраева, Иванова, Романюк, Касенова, Мукашева, Сыздыкова, Каримова, Касымова, Ахметова, Назарова, and Абдрахманова