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Forename Азиз

Around the world, Азиз (Aziz Pakistan Nigeria Morocco Indonesia Malaysia, Azeez Pakistan Nigeria Morocco Indonesia Malaysia, Азиз Russia Azerbaijan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan, among others...) is a prevalent largely male, but infrequently feminine forename. The first name Азиз is characteristic of Northern Africa, particularly Morocco, where it is a widespread boy's name, Tunisia, where it is a common primarily boy's, but scarcely feminine name, and Algeria, where it is a common boy's name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in Nigeria, Pakistan, and Morocco. Likewise, Азиз is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Азиз

name Al-Aziz, name Azeez, name عزيز, name Азіз, name عزیز, name Al, name עזיז, name Aziz, name Azyz, name Azis, name Αζίζ, name العزیز, name Əziz, name Ezîz, name Азиз, name আজিজ
Azeez, Aziz Morocco, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia
Азиз Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan
Əziz Azerbaijan
Al-Aziz Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia

First names said to be same

Al, Azis, Azyz, Ezîz, Αζίζ, Азіз, עזיז, العزیز, عزيز, عزیز, and আজিজ

First name Азиз in the context

Азиз is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Aziz , character in Tale of Azíz and Azízah.

Notable namesakes

picture of азиз хаджиевич алискеров азиз хаджиевич алискеров азиз хаджиевич алискеров RU (b. 1914) link
азиз ялымов Soviet politician, KZ (b. 1885) link
азиз аскеров RU (b. 1907) link
токтобаев, азиз KG (b. 1911) link
picture of суракматов, азиз эмильбекович суракматов, азиз эмильбекович суракматов, азиз эмильбекович KG (b. 1971) link
азиз музафаров Russian chemist, RU (b. 1950) link
абдуллаев, азиз рефатович politician, UA (b. 1953) link
бобоҷон азиз TJ (b. 1950) link
мирзабеков, азиз абдулмирович RU (b. 1959) link
азизи азиз TJ (b. 1960) link
азиз таш Bulgarian poet and translator (*1973), BG (b. 1973) link
азиз абулапаевич абдулвахабов Russian mixed martial artist, RU (b. 1989) link
азиз валиханович мансуров Russian footballer, RU (b. 1989) link
фатҳуллоҳи азиз TJ link
азиз афзалзода TJ link