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Forename Jákup

Throughout the world, Jákup (יעקב Israel, Якуп Russia Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Ukraine Kyrgyzstan, Jákup Denmark Albania Norway United States) is quite a rare boy's first name. The first name Jákup is characteristic of Israel, where it is quite a rare male name, Albania, and Kazakhstan. Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Israel, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Much less frequently, Jákup is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishJákup is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jákup

name Jakup, name Jákup, name יעקב, name Якуп, name עקב
יעקב Israel
Якуп Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
Jákup Albania, United States, Norway, Denmark

First names said to be same

Jakup, and עקב

First name Jákup in the context

Jákup is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: St. James the Elder, Apostle , the one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, Gospel of Mark; Jacob , the in Genesis, a son of Isaac, also known as Israel; the patriarch of the Israelites, The Qur’an; James, son of Alphaeus , the one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ; Thing , the fictional character in Marvel Comics and Jacob Frye , the fictional character in the Assassin's Creed series, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

jákup jógvansson Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands (b. 1600) link
picture of jákup dahl jákup dahl jákup dahl Faroese provost and translator, FO (b. 1878) link
picture of jákup frederik øregaard jákup frederik øregaard jákup frederik øregaard Faroese politician (1906-1980), FO (b. 1906) link
picture of jákup í jákupsstovu jákup í jákupsstovu jákup í jákupsstovu Danish politician (1922-1976), FO (b. 1922) link
jákup andrias vang FO (b. 1882) link
picture of jákup mikkelsen jákup mikkelsen jákup mikkelsen Faroese teacher and politician, FO (b. 1957) link
picture of jákup mikkelsen jákup mikkelsen jákup mikkelsen Faroese footballer, FO (b. 1970) link
jákup joensen Faroese shipowner and politician (1929-2016), FO (b. 1929) link
picture of jákup á borg jákup á borg jákup á borg Faroese footballer, FO (b. 1979) link
jákup pauli gregoriussen Faroese architect and artist, FO (b. 1932) link
jákup olsen FO (b. 1938) link
jákup lamhauge FO (b. 1939) link
jákup mortensen FO (b. 1941) link
jákup midjord badminton player (b. 1960) link
jákup í skemmuni FO (b. 1951) link

Characteristic surnames

Dam, Thomsen, Nielsen, Høgnason, Højgaard, Isaksen, Mørkøre, Bærentsen, Petersen, Davidsen, Dahl-Olsen, Jacobsen, Johansen, Thøgersen, Heinesen, Mortensen, Mikkelsen, Sørensen, Andreasen, Rasmussen, Danielsen, Justinussen, Joensen, Lamhauge, Djurhuus, Reinert, Dul, Berg, Borg, Kass, Dahl, Høj, Mørk, Kjeld, Glyvradal, Lohse, Jørgensen, Nónfjall, Olsen, Jensen, Toftum, Egholm, Hansen, Flores, Marsten, Midjord, Skarði, Poulsen, Veyhe, and Zachariassen